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Lotto Gaming Gambia LTD presents Over (200,000.00) Cash to lucky jackpot winner

Apr 28, 2017, 10:08 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Lotto Gaming Gambia Limited (LGG) last Wednesday presented D220,220 to their last Sunday jackpot winner Malick Kah, a Senegalese petty trader based in The Gambia.

Held at LGG’s office in Westfield around World Mobile, the presentation was characterised by singing, dancing and entertainment by members of the public - mainly the youth, and workers of LGG.

According to officials of Lotto Gaming Gambia Limited (LGG), “the company is the fastest way to eradicating poverty, creating one Gambia, one people, one nation”. 

The LGG officials said the company is out to empower the youth as it is a source of revenue and employment opportunity while also discouraging the ‘back-way’ syndrome.

The officials expressed dissatisfaction over the way the company was closed up by the former regime, as they seized the opportunity to applaud the New Gambia under the presidency of Adama Barrow, for lifting the ban for their business to operate in The Gambia. 

“We are more than delighted to see our business operating and is employing huge amount of youths in the country,” the LGG officials stated.

In delivering a speech at the presentation, one of the senior marketing officers, Madam Khady Mbinko Jammeh, said the company had been in existence for many years, but were closed by the ex-president.

“We don’t know the rationale behind the closure of this company,” she said. “Thanks to President Adama Barrow, who lifted the ban imposed on them and the company is now fully operational.”

She said the company empowers the youth, as just within weeks of operation after the ban was lifted, they had employed almost one hundred and fifty youths both male and female, presently working for the company.

According to her, the company also wants to discourage the back-way syndrome, and give hope to the youth.

As they continue to patronize Lotto Gaming Gambia, the people will not regret it, she said, adding that the company is for the nation.

“We are trying to create more jobs for the youth of this country,” she said.

Regarding their presentation  last Wednesday, Madam Jammeh said  one of their customers called Malick Kah was lucky to win their last Sunday jackpot  raffle draw, scooping  D210,000.

“But presently we are going to give him D220,220,” she disclosed, saying: “Mr Kah is a petty-business man and I think this money will take him a long way. 

“We are also encouraging the youth and other customers to come up and join this company, as the more you play the more chances you have to win,” she said.

She also revealed that LGG has a ‘battening game’ in addition to its ‘fast racing’.

She said LGG company will not allow the youth under 18 years to play the battening game, “which is why we have opened branches in many towns of the country for accessibility  of mature customers to this company”.

She also seized the opportunity to thank LGG Chief Executive Officer,  Alagie Ngum, who has been “very useful” , for coming up with the brilliant idea of having such a company, “which is  here to eradicate poverty and generate income for the youth”.

She further commended CEO Ngum for “the good intention he has for the nation”, as she stated that every day they are paying “more than hundred thousand dalasis’ to customers.

“We have other jackpots for Thursday for D105,000 and Sunday for D100,000,” she revealed.

Demba Njie, a member of the marketing agents for LGG, expressed sentiments similar to those of the previous speakers and expressed profound gratitude to the Gambian leader Adama Barrow for the heart he has for the Gambian people.

He further urged the Gambian people to patronize the company, which is out to change the livelihood of the people.

Also speaking, Modou Sarr, a UDP representative, thanked the Chief Executive Officer and his team for coming up with the bold initiative.

Mr Sarr was quick to thank Adama Barrow for the love and care he has for the Gambian people to operate business in the country. 

“All what is needed is collective effort to support Adama Barrow to attain his development agenda,” he said. 

“This initiative is way of complementing government’s effort, he said as he used the opportunity to urge other Gambians to emulate Mr Ngum, CEO of LGG.

He also used the opportunity to pray for the progress and prosperity of the company to employ more youth.

He said for any country to develop, there is need for commitment, education, and loyalty from its people. 

He therefore urged LGG staff to redouble their commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the company.

He challenged Gambians to patronize the company to support national development.

For his part, Malick Kah, the lucky winner of Lotto Gaming Gambia’s last Sunday jackpot, thanked the Almighty Allah for realising his dream.

He said he had been playing the lotto game for long time, and luckily he was called that he had won the last Sunday jackpot,

He was therefore delighted to receive the money, he explained, saying he would utilize the money well.

He commended LGG for coming up with the game, whilst appealing to all and sundry to patronize the company.

“You may be a lucky winner one day or the other,” he encouraged people to play the game.