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Local chief speaks about forest preservation as way to mitigate effects of climate change

Aug 17, 2015, 11:09 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The chief of Upper Badibou has spoken of the need for farmers and communities in his district to protect and preserve the forest cover to enhance sustainable land management.

Chief Ebrima Ansu Tamba Jammeh was speaking recently at a sensitization forum held in Illiasa village in the North Bank Region on FAO Forest and Farm Facility organized by the Rural Development Organization (RDO).

He noted that farmers should adopt best farm practices to increase food production, and promote planting of trees on the farm boundary.

He praised the communities of Upper Badibou for their solidarity in responding to the President’s quest for food self-sufficiency.

Jamu Ceesay, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Development Organization in Farafenni, applauded FAO and Forest and Farm Facility for building a partnership with his organization, in strengthening community participation on the management of forest resources to bring about sustainable livelihood development.

He called on the participating communities of Duta Bulu, Chamen, Samba Taba and Jumansarba to be proactive in promoting the protection of the forest cover to improve the effective management of forest resources.

He said RDO is committed to food security and environmental protection.

CEO Ceesay commended the community of Jumansarba for their steadfastness in food production.

Kanimang Camara, National FAO FFF project consultant, expressed concern about the loss of the forest cover and called on the communities to be vigilant in the restoration and regeneration of forest species.

He said recent studies have shown that 80 per cent of forestland is burnt as a result of bushfire, noting that the Forest Policy 2010 –2019 aims at protecting the forest and increase food production.

He hailed the district authorities for preventing bushfires in the North BanK Region, noting that it would contribute to the restoration of the forest and soil cover.

Ebou Janha, Regional Forestry Officer, dilated on the concept of community forestry to empower communities to own and manage their own forest.

He applauded RDO in complementing the work of the department of Forestry in empowering communities on the management of forests.

Lamin Jarju, NEA programme officer, used the moment to inform people about the recent ban on importation and use of plastic bags.

He said the move aims at protecting the environment and increase soil nutrients to boost food production and health.

The NEA officer cautioned business community and individuals to be careful in handling chemicals at the household and in farms.