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LIPS Leading in Professionalism

Aug 26, 2008, 7:13 AM | Article By: By Pa Modou Bojang

Many learning institutions including proffessional ones are springing up in the country and many are benefiting from them each day. Lamin Institute of Professional Studies has stood up on its feet to be seen as a millennium goal contributor and is doing so at a very fast pace. Pa Modou Bojang went along to find out when, why, who are behind the success of LIPS situated away from the city yet outstanding during its 5 years of existence. The secret behind this has been highlighted and it shows how efficient the tutors and the contributors could be.

In what could be called a new age, LIPS an institution situated in Lamin, started five years ago, as a small institution along Mandinaring Highway. This institution has been offering different courses, which has now grown bigger and gaining name by its output.

Talking about the social development of the country, the proprietor and the executive director of the institution, Daniel Osagie asserted that he is poised to contribute his quota towards the national development. This he said can be achieved through empowering the youth and everyone in the society with special skills for an improved society to enable self-reliance and to contribute to national development of the country. He says, "I aim to accelerate his help by helping his tutors with."

In his strive to helping students Daniel Osagie said his institution has offered about eight scholarships and helped about 8% of the student body currently studying different courses. The causes ranging from Computer studies, IT courses, Tourism, Business and General courses including English and French, from certificate to diploma and to advance diploma. The good management has attracted so many students and their parents have shown their appreciation towards the good gesture. They have realised and appreciated the effort of Daniel Osgie. The community, parents and students continue to praise his effort.

Daniel Osagie the LIPS boss is also known for his kindness as he does not stop his development drive in society. In furtherance of his support for those he trains he helped to secure jobs for some of his students who are now earning good salaries. Some have gained higher positions at their work places. This many parents and students have acknowledged how hard LIPS has been striving since its inception five years ago. "We are happy with LIPS and its staff for teaching what our children can use in society to make society a better place to live. I am impressed," says Fatou Jammeh, a parent at Abuko.

The name LIPS is not only known on the lips of those living in Lamin but around the environs and in Gambia as a whole. It is on the LIPS is on the lips of strangers, citizens and well wishers in and out of the country. Those who have passed through the hands of the able staff of LIPS and are now working overseas are similarly praising their former institution of excellence. The fact remains that when anything has good in it, it speaks for itself, be it a plant, human being, a vehicle an institution, an airplane, president, government football team or more, it would be seen by their output. The plant would produce very good fruit and the owner would be very happy above all. Such is the case for an institution away from the heart of the city situated in Lamin.

Mr. Osagie syas, "I am a friend that knows the needs of others. Coming to LIPS means coming to learn friendliness and going out as a professional to serve others in friendliness and peace." He said his highest moment comes about when his students get very good passes in their final exams, which qualifies them for the outside world for employment and contributions to the society. Whatever happens The Gambia's intention to shine in the world will come about if all join force to make it happen by vigorous studies.