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Libya and The Gambian Society

Mar 24, 2009, 6:43 AM

Libya's tie with The Gambia has surely pointed towards the development of the country especially in areas needed for the development of the people of The Gambia.

The country's leader, Col. Muarmarr Ghadafi has put African unity in his agenda, thus the continuous developmental strategies for many African countries including The Gambia. Recently, Col. Ghadafi had supplied eight tractors and their components to till the land in line with President Jammeh's vision for a hunger free state. The Jamahiriya, in which power is meant to be held by thousands of peoples' committees, has always followed Col. Ghadafi's dream for a Unites of Africa. Europeans have done it, the Americans too. He believes it is possible with Africa and he was subsequently elected chairman of the African Union. His contribution, especially physical has moved many people. The extension of friendship to Gambia by the Libyan leader continues as you read along to discover how eight more tractors were put off the Libyan cargo plane at the BanjulInternationalAirport.

Apart from the most recent assistance of eight tractors, Col. Ghadafi has other developmental plans and investments employing several Gambians.

In an interview with Ambassador Dr. Ali Muhammed Dukuly, he said the eight tractors would benefit Gambians a lot. "We are a bit late but it will still work." Ambassador Dukuly further reiterated their leader's resolve to further enhance agriculture by way of paying salaries for some Vietnamese agricultural experts are coming to boost the Agriculture sector of the country. "We shall pay their salaries for two years and it has been organised in line with the Agriculture department," Ambassador Dukuly said.
The boost for the Agric department is a sure way to help the people of
Africa, and Gambia in particular. Some observers say that if all Africans pursue Col. Ghadafi's dream then states in Africa would work assiduously to ensure development and unity. As to what Libya is portraying; the stronger states would help strengthen the weaker ones thus empowering them. Others believe that the notion of African unification should have started a long time ago to enable member states adjust, and by today Africans would have been reaping the benefit. But again those who had conceived such ideas were seen as enemies of progress, they were thus killed in their cold blood.

Talking on how significant the gift was to The Gambia, Habib T. B. Jarra, Director of International Corporation, Foreign Affairs talking on behalf of his department, thanked President Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh for creating a conducive environment for meaningful development. "This occasion is a manifestation of the good relationship between the two governments and its going to improve South South cooperation. It will go on to help the self food sufficiency in the country; we are thankful," Habib T. B. Jarra said.

Taher Da Loub, Counsel at the Libyan Embassy says, "This will consolidate the relationship between Libya and The Gambia, it is indeed political and there is more help in the pipeline to help around. Right now there are some agreements including a lot like these tractors. There are Vietnamese coming to work in Gambia's rice fields and we shall be involved," Ambassador Taher Da Loub said.

Col. Ghadafi has other African countries at heart and he is bent on making sure that they achieve their goals. Take the impoverished state of Sierra Leone for example, whose development has fallen beyond repairs, due to the war and later corruption by government officials in high and low positions. Col. Ghadafi's presence was felt when he donated rice, buses, tractors, money and more. Such is the man who wants United States of Africa. This should be pursued to enable Africa unite.

In The Gambia, it was exciting to see staff of the Libyan Embassy, some government representatives wait the landing of the massive Libyan Cargo plane containing the 8 tractors and its agriculture components. These formed a convoy that headed straight to the Libyan Embassy. "Such development touches the whole society, it is a welcome gift," says an Airport Security Guard.