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Let’s work together for peace in Africa

Jun 9, 2011, 2:03 PM

The future of Africa is entirely in the hands of its leaders and peoples who have a big say if rapid development is to take place in the continent.

The ultimate objective of coming up with the OAU and now the Africa Union is to unite African states, and bring about peace and stability in the continent.

However, to the surprise of many, today’s Africa is facing a lot of conflicts which are purely internal among countries, and some are as a result of western interference.

Thus, whilst the West is developing, Africans are busy fighting and killing each other, coupled with hunger and malnutrition.

For how long Africans will continue to live under such a situation.

Indeed, it is high time for Africans to start thinking of how best to develop their countries, and forget about the unnecessary civil wars.

At times, the AU and ECOWAS find themselves in a very difficult situation to mediate among members in terms of conflicts.

We have to avoid all this political instability in our continent, and try to address the challenges confronting our economies , the health, agriculture and education sectors in our respective countries.

We have to always remember that politicians will come and go, but the country will always remain.

United we stand divided we fall. So let us not allow outsiders to disunite us for their interest.