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Let’s stop smoking

Jan 17, 2014, 10:49 AM

It is evident that Tobacco is hazardous to the health of human beings. It is famous for causing cancer, and can have other adverse effects on the health of an individual.

Despite the fact that manufacturers have clearly labeled on every cigarette pack that “Tobacco Smoking is Dangerous”, yetmillions of people continue to smoke.

The prohibition of smoking in public places Act 1998 of The Gambia clearly spells out that there should be no smoking in government premises to which the public have access.

However, since the law was passed by the National Assembly, people have continued to smoke in public premises, which is a sign that the law is not been observed to the letter.

People most of the time smoke in commercial vehicles, schools and hospitals and private premises, exposing non-smokers to second-hand smoking, which is dangerous to their health.

It is high time, therefore, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare actively involved the Gambia police force to help enforce this law. It is one thing to come up with a law, but it is another thing to implement it effectively.

All the stakeholders should be involved for its effective implementation, so as to make the law take its right course.

We feel that it is also time that the policymakers get involved by playing their active part in the implementation process by serving as role models.

Now is the time to act, before it is too late.

“It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

Mark Twain