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Let's make Maximum Use of Our Mangoes

Jun 17, 2009, 7:09 AM

Now that we have entered another mango season, it'simportant that we make maximum use of these fruits.

Mangoes can be seen in the streets and in our markets particularly in Brikama and SerreKunda and in large quantities.

As a result of too much availability of mangoes in our markets, the price for these fruits has reduced considerably. However, one sad thing about the whole situation is mango is not durable thus can perish easily and quickly just few days after harvest, if not properly stored.

Therefore, it's timely that we have a mango processing plant to produce juice, drinks, jam or jelly, desert, and other finished products.

The need for appropriate storage facilities for these fruits is also vital to preserve the fruits.

This will generate more income for farmers as well as those in the trade.

Rotten mangoes can be harmful to our environment as well as create discomfort for people passing by.

Preserving and processing mangoes will enable us eat the fruit all year round.

We also implore all mango sellers and all fruit vendors to always keep their goods clean at all times as the hygiene of what we consume should not be compromised.

 We also appeal to the general public to obey environmental regulations and not to throw mangoes everywhere in the streets after eating them.