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Let's help women

Dec 7, 2009, 12:20 PM

It's yet another sensitisation of media practitioners in the country on Malaria Control Prevention Strategy, held at the National Malaria Control Programme Office last Friday.

Described as an interactive session, the topics discussed included basic epidemiology of malaria, malaria case management, intermittent preventive treatment, insecticide treated nets, environmental sanitation and sources of mosquito breeding and the role of journalists in malaria control and prevention.

We must therefore commend the NMCP for their untiring efforts in ensuring that malaria is completely eradicated in The Gambia.

However, one of the issues that were highlighted in Madam Olimatou Colley?s presentation on malaria in pregnancy was the limited male participation in malaria prevention and control activities. She hammered home the failure of men in helping women in nursing the young ones, specifically when we come to taking children for monthly routines in health centres.

While some of the male participants are in support of the idea, others label such people such as ?Gorrgegen? (ladylike).

Whatever name they may call them, it is our ferment belief that the upbringing of the family is the responsibility of both men and women.

We urge that both sexes should play their role in the nurturing and upbringing of the young ones as man and women are just like the wings of the same bird, hence one cannot go without the other.

"A woman's whole life is a history of the affections."
Washington IRVING