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Let’s drive carefully

Jul 14, 2011, 1:56 PM

Today we would like to use our valuable space to elaborate a bit on the condition of our roads, the manner of driving by vehicle owners or drivers, and the poor drainage situation pedestrians have to put up with.

With the condition of some of our roads, drivers, be they commercial or private should exercise some discipline in the way they drive past pedestrians, so as to avoid splashing muddy waters on them, especially during this rainy season.

We are aware of the fact that much of what causes this problem is the bad condition of some of our roads.

Some of our roads are, no doubt, in a terrible condition at this time of the rainy season, as numerous potholes spatter along some of our roads.

The Ministry of Works, Infrastructure and Construction has definitely done a lot in rehabilitating most of the main roads, but it seems there is much to be done also in other areas, especially in some feeder roads across the Greater Banjul Area.

Some of these are the areas teeming populations of people in the country commute day in, day out.

Common understanding can tell that the authorities may not be able to fix all these bad roads at this point in time due to the downpour of rain.

In any case, we are pleading with vehicle drivers to drive professionally, and to have in mind that there are also pedestrians plying the roads to go about their business, so that they are not awash or drenched with stinking waters from potholes along the roads.

Nevertheless, we hope and pray that much of this problem would be solved in due course.

“Patience and time do more than force and rage.”