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Let us respect our profession

Jan 18, 2011, 12:17 PM

There are a lot of professions in this world, but one may have to choose one or so, among the lot, as a career, to serve as a source to benefit oneself or the country in which one is residing.

The development of any country depends on its technocrats, and the level of its manpower and skilled labour force.

So it is important for us to respect and cherish the professions in which we find ourselves.

Most of the time, we see people who are always abusing the ethics of their profession, and those who claim professions they have no knowledge of, and even go to the extent of extorting monies from people under the guise of that profession.

It is high time that people desist from such practices, because it does not, and will not help them at all, as in most cases such mal-practices lead them to their self-destruction.

We were surprised to hear from the National Traditional Medicine Programme of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare that a supposed healer and marabout is going around in the country claiming he can treat and cure diseases of different kinds, as well as solve spiritual problems affecting people.

This, according to a statement from the country's health department, has been found to be "false and untrue".

People should be God-fearing in whatever they are doing in life, so that they do not cause the destruction of the lives of other people, and ultimately theirs.

They should also not cause men to kill the trust that exists between them.

It is very unfair for a person to spend all his or her life struggling to seek knowledge, and then gain a profession that will be of benefit to the wider community, only for someone else from nowhere to come and survive woefully on that, to the detriment of those who truly possess the knowledge, and can apply it for the good of mankind.