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Let us protect our children

Jun 16, 2011, 3:04 PM

The fact that several circumcisers in the Upper River Region recently dropped their knives, and made a public declaration that they would stop female genital cutting is a good move in the fight against FGMC in the country.

The practice of FGMC itself poses a serious threat to the health of our women, especially the youth, who are sometimes taken unaware without the consent of their parents.

We would like to commend TOSTAN, UNICEF, Gamcotrap and other partners who have been tirelessly working very hard to stop this practice in the country.

It is good that the female circumcisers have decided to drop their knives, but now it is the responsibility of partners to support them, both morally and financially, for these women to be able to sustain themselves or to create small-scale businesses which will serve as a source of living for them.

If the women are not receiving the adequate support they need from the donors, it will be very difficult to maintain them.

We call on other communities to emulate the women of Upper River Region to drop their knives for the future of our children. 

The health and growth of the children should be the sole responsibility of every parent.
Let us work for the good of our children.

We should not try to exploit them or force them to do something against their own will.

As parents, we owe it to our children.
Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect them from child abuse.