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Lessons to learn

Jul 26, 2010, 3:37 PM

We are still reeling from the death of about eight people, who died in a road accident during a heavy downpour in the Upper River Region.

According to our Basse correspondent, the tragic accident that happened near Sare Alpha village in the Upper River Region last Sunday, caused the death of at least eight people, leaving many others injured. Sare Alpha is a village located 32 kilometres south east of Basse, in the Upper River Region.  

Report stated that a 22-passenger commuter van, locally known as gelegele, heading from Basse to Fatoto was caught in heavy rains and washed away by floodwaters, which affected a bridge near Sare Alpha.

Like any other believer, death can strike at anytime, and anywhere.

But one must always take precautionary measures so as to avert such unfortunate accidents.

For instance, drivers should exercise extra caution when driving during such times or even stop completely until such a time that the water settles down. The roads become slippery while visibility becomes difficult during rains.

In this regard, we urge both the police and the transport unions to put mechanisms in place to avert such eventuality. There is no way that one can equate money to human life so much so that drivers should be in a hurry to drive under heavy rains just to get few Dalasi.

We also suggest that signboards should be put in places where there are bridges. Once again, while wishing those injured a speedy recovery, our condolence goes to the bereaved families.