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Less Denial More Explanation

Sep 18, 2008, 5:14 AM

In yesterday's edition of Foroyaa a report was carried regarding the reaction of vendors to a previous article in that paper which indicated a lack of cleansing staff at Brikama Area Council. When the story was published it was refuted by Brikama Area Council.

This aroused great concern among the vendors as they are living every day with terrible conditions which may eventually prove injurious to their health. It is clear that there is a problem in Brikama but Mr. Serigne Modou Joof the PRO of Brikama Area Council said that there are sufficient cleansing staff. There is an incongruity in this.

If there are sufficient staff why then is rubbish piling up and trailing a disgusting reek around the vendors place of work? The people need an explanation and they have the right to have an explanation. This unfortunately is part of a wider trend. Various Area Councils seem to regard the media and the general public as a sort of enemy.

The first response to many issues raised all too often is denial. Perhaps people fear reprimand if certain stories become public but these concerns must become secondary. The area councils are there to serve the people and the nation. Civil servants' wages are paid by the taxpayer and so all the workings of these councils should be public knowledge.

When questions are not answered people create their own reasons and rumours and this is a negative environment for all concerned. There is clearly an issue in Brikama with waste collection and the council must issue a statement and clarify what it is. If more cleansing staff are needed then they should be hired.

There are solutions to most problems if we all work together to solve them. Information must flow freely between area councils and the public they serve. Of course the media has a role to play in disseminating this information and in this regard we will not be found lacking.

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."


Aldous Huxley