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Learn how to delegate responsibility

Apr 20, 2012, 1:37 PM

It is true that time is precious and wasting it could be very bad. We have seen in this country where some dignitaries are in the habit of attending programmes late.

For some, they could have delegated the immediate juniors to represent them, but for one reason or the other they would prefer attending themselves, even if they would come one hour late.

The same thing applies to some officials, who refuse to delegate responsibility to their subordinates to perform official duties.

We have learned that in some offices, when the manager travels out of the country, the most senior person in the office dares not act on his behalf much more to endorse major decisions.

If these allegations are true about some of our officials, it must stop now because it is not a healthy work ethic.

It is not only the ministers, managers or directors or the most senior person in the office or department, who should be attending conferences or workshops on behalf of the department.

Unless otherwise, it is good for junior officials to be also given such opportunities, as it could also serve as motivation for them.

In fact, the bottom line is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t do everything by yourself. Many supervisors avoid delegating responsibility, and the reasons for this vary.

People feel proud and happy when given important assignments by their superiors or asked to deputise them in foras.

As a result, heads of institutions should learn how to delegate responsibility to their subordinates for effective running of their institutions.

Nonetheless, assigning duties to the Individual best suited for the subject matter or project is also very important in delegating responsibility.
However, it is important to consider many things before delegating duties.

Our heads need to evaluate their employees’ skills level, motivation, and dependability.

Remember, not all employee are created equal. Certain people will be more efficient than others, depending upon the facet in which they thrive.

Please when delegating an assignment, make it clear to the employee that they can come to you with questions, and do not see them as stupid, as mistakes must be allowed, though not always.