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Lady Testifies in Threatening Violence Case

Aug 28, 2009, 7:01 AM

One Oumie Jeng of Wellingara village on the 25th August 2009 testified at the Brikama Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Fredrick Foster in the threatening violence case involving one Ebou Sibi.

Testifying as the second witness for the prosecution, Omieu Jeng told the court that she lives in the same compound with the accused person.

She adduced that on 7th August 2009, while she was in the sitting room with her family the accused came and found them there while he was drunk.

She further revealed that, the accused started insulting and threatened them that he was going to assault them with a broken bottle. She said as a result she called her brother, Alh. Abdul Aziz Jeng, and informed him about the matter.

According to her she was given a document from the police that whenever the accused insults her again she should report the matter to the station, which she did. The prosecuting officer later applied to tender the document in support of his case which was admitted by the court and marked as exhibit.

The case was adjourned to 3rd September 2009.