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Kudus to BSAC but!

Sep 20, 2012, 9:59 AM

The Basse Area Council (BSAC) has revealed through it finance director in a recent local media publication that they generated revenue of D4, 322, 675 within the period of January to June 2012.

Morro Keita made the disclosure recently during a day long meeting organised by the council at its chambers in Basse.

The meeting brought together the deputy governor of the region, the chairman of Basse Area Council, ward councillors, and members of the Technical Advisory Committee.

It was meant, among other things, to report on the income and expenditure for the period under review.

Tabling the financial report for the period under review, Keita explained that out of the above-mentioned money generated by the council, over D4, 206, 760, was spent on the council’s operational expenses; ranging from staff salaries, projects and other development ventures.

We would like to hail the council, especially its revenue collectors for the development.

However, we urge the council to ensure that the monies they are collecting from people in the region is  given back to them in a form of development projects.

In URR, many roads are not motorable at the moment, and it would be good if the BSAC would help fix some of the roads that are in a deplorable condition.

There exists poor infrastructure in many of the weekly market (lumo) sites in the region, where the council generates some of these resources.

The council should also emulate sister councils in the country such as Kerewan and Brikama Area councils, which over the years have been doing extremely well in empowering their communities.

BSAC indeed has a long way to go, with many challenges to address.