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Kudos to YMCA!

Nov 12, 2010, 10:56 AM

The National Council of The Gambia Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) which is empowering young people deserves commendation.

They train youths on entrepreneurship skills, create a platform for them to discuss issues affecting them - all these geared towards preparing them to become economically independent.

We, therefore, appreciate the efforts of the Gambia YMCA for the good initatives they are undertaking in the country.

We were pleased to learn that activities are taking place across the length and breadth of the country, which is good since it would give an opportunity to disadvantaged and maginalised young people in rural communities as well.

The three-day national capacity building workshop for youths convened by YMCA, and which ends today, is a clear testimony of the organisation's commitment in preparing young people to become responsible citizens.

Indeed, the initiatives of YMCA, especially with regards to its Big Lottery Project of UK, have already started paying off with many young people trained in different skills.

All this is geared towards complementing the government's efforts in the area of youth empowerment and development.

This forum will create a platform for young people to critically discuss pertinent issues affecting the life of youths in the country.

The meeting which brought together youth activists, National Assembly Members and youth leaders to discussed key topics such as the labour laws of the Gambia and   employment, minimum wages, and constitutional reforms on youth employment and economic justice, among others, is timely.

It is also important for young people, including those supported by YMCA, NEDI and NYSS, among others, to seize the opportunities created for them.

It is also high time for the youth organisations to properly coordinate their programmes, so that their activities will be implemented.

Youth organizations should also try to network with each other so that they can share a lot of information.

We challenge other civil society organisations in the country to emulate the Gambia YMCA in empowering youth.