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Kudos to Basse Area Council

Mar 19, 2010, 11:00 AM

Of recent, we have seen a good number of projects being implemented by the Basse Area Council (BAC), ranging from handing over of a five-million-Dalasi water extension project to the people of Basse Koba Kunda, to presentation of numerous cheques to various associations in the region.

The five-million-Dalasi project upon completion would make clean drinking water accessible to the people of the area, and thus promote overall development efforts in the region.

To the people of Koba Kunda, we advise that you take ownership of the project and give it all the support needed to ensure it's sustainable. Water is life and its availability is important.

These projects would help fast track development at the grassroots level.
To the beneficiaries, we encourage you to put the donated materials and cash into its rightful purpose.  All the beneficiaries must ensure a maximum level of transparency and accountability throughout the whole implementation process.

It is important to note that involving people in all stages of the project is crucial to the sustainability of the project.

We urge the council not to stop at giving funds, but to go further to monitor them to ensure that they live up to expectations.
It's important for councils to plough back to the people in the form of development projects, as this is what's expected of them.

Rates and taxes are paid to councils with the anticipation that it would be serviced back to the taxpayers.

To this end, councils must ensure that they evenly distribute national resources by giving each a share of the national cake.

With the look of things one can conclude that the Basse Area Council is doing well.