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Kudangkas gear up for Mega cultural festival this Saturday as Kora Maestro set to display

May 13, 2011, 3:22 PM

Residents of Kudang Village in the southern part of Central River Region, both in The Gambia and the diaspora, are gearing up for the annual mega cultural festival that normally attracts participants from all over the country and the sub-region, to be held on Saturday 14 May 2011.

The festival that has been in existence for decades is set purposely to showcase the rich cultural diversity of the historical village (Kudang) and its important cultural and social sites that have been visited by guests in the two festivals, all geared towards reviving the culture and tradition of Kudang for future generation.

The cultural festival also showcases displays of different cultural masquerades such as the ‘Kankurang dance’ (Mandika cultural entertainer)’, the Nyakereh’ among other interesting masquerades.

The festival is also done in a form of competition among Kudang and its satellite villages and members of the communities, expected to perform during the festival.

The cultural festival dubbed “Mukuntoowaa” mandika language, is held annually before the start of the farming season when and where elders of the village pray for the success of the farming season.

Described by many as a superb show, this year’s festival is expected to attract more than 5,000 people across The Gambia and the sub-region, and Jaliba Kuyateh, the Gambia King of Kora, will be in attendance to release the fascinating and thrilling track he sang about this historical village of Kudang.

Jaliba, who has released his album, hailed the Kudangkas for the love they have for the village and their contribution towards the socio-economic development of the country.

Kudangkas in the Kombos, who spoke to this reporter, expressed happiness and joy at returning home to witness another marvelous festival, adding that they would further learn about their roots and culture.

“I love my village despite the long distance away,” Lamin Marenah, who is heading a native village, told the Entertainment in a short chat.

I feel proud to be associated with such a wonderful festival, which helps us to learn more about the rich culture and religious sites that were in existence during the time of our ancestors.”