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Knowledge is power

Sep 28, 2010, 1:13 PM

Representatives of the Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia are currently meeting at the Cocoa Ocean Resort and Spa in Bijilo in a five-day Sub-Regional Education Financing Campaign.

The workshop is the third in a series on education financing for education advocates in anglophone West Africa.

Education, they say, is the key to success and, therefore, all hands must be on deck to bring education to the doorsteps of our people. It must also be a quality and affordable education, since nations are seen to be advancing at the same pace as their education.

In the words of Minister Fatou Lamin Faye, 40 years ago, the nations of the world, through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, declared that everyone has a right to education. \

Not only is Education a human right, but it   is also a fact that no nation can develop without educating its citizens, especially the women and the youth.

Knowledge in educational financing “is a sine qua non” for any successful endeavour in the advocacy for additional financial resources sufficient to target every child in school to pursue and complete an uninterrupted education of good quality, Minister Faye also said.


In this regard, both parents and children must make it a point of duty to put at the back of their minds that, without education, success in life would be difficult, and may only come through depending on a wing and a prayer.

We are, therefore, elated that a sub-regional workshop on education financing is right under way in Banjul.

A concern that we would like to put across, however, is that the resolutions or recommendations of this workshop are implemented accordingly, for the good of the sub-region and our schoolchildren.