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Kerr Demba Holley School plants 200 fruit trees

Sep 21, 2016, 10:27 AM

Kerr Demba Holley Lower Basic School in Upper Nuimi District recently embarked on tree planting exercise in the communities of Kerr Demba Holley, Kerr Dekodeh, Fass Saho and Kerr Sukum.

At least 200 fruit trees, mainly mangoes and oranges, were planted and each was planted in the name of a student within the level of nursery and primary grades.  Each tree was planted in the child’s compound and it is to be taken care of by the children and their parents.

The exercise was coordinated by the school’s headmaster, Lamin Sillah, and sponsored by the Kerewan-based Agency for the Development of Women and Children (ADWAC).  The agency was represented at the planting exercise by Karamo Kinteh, Kulay Sisay and Sana Trawally.

The Mothers’ Club of Kerr Demba Holley LBS and the school management committee, through its chairman Chebo Saho, hailed the initiative and promised to give it their utmost support. 

The headmaster of the school, Mr Sillah, said he was very glad with the level of appreciation shown by the children and their parents of the initiative.

“All the parents assured that the plants will be well taken care of,” he said, adding that when the trees mature, it will not only benefit the children or the parents alone but the entire community.

Mr Sillah called on other schools to embark on similar initiative for the benefit of the children and their parents and for the environment.

“If a fruit tree is planted for a child at the level of Early Childhood Development education by the time the child reaches higher level of education, the tree would start fruiting.  Apart from serving as food, the tree can also serve as a source of income for the child and his/her family,” he explained.

While commending ADWAC for its continued support to Kerr Demba Holley LBS, the headmaster expressed his commitment to the development of the school and the community.