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Keep Ethics of Professionalism in Teaching - Mr. Touray

Feb 2, 2009, 4:59 AM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

Mr. Bala Musa Touray, the former cluster monitor for cluster eight schools in Region one now doing his management course at MDI, has urged the teaching staff of Advance Nursery and Lower Basic School to keep the ethics of professionalism in teaching.

Mr. Touray served as a resource person last week at the school during a one-day Capacity Building Workshop organized by the School administration.

Mr. Touray thanked the Administration of Advance Nursery and LowerBasicSchool for still keeping his name in their record book as their former cluster monitor and focal point representative of the regional director in the business of education.

According to Mr. Touray, there is professionalism in the teaching profession as far as Advance Nursery and LowerBasicSchool is concerned describing the one-day workshop as very educational for the teachers and the administration in particular. He said he was very much assured that AdvanceSchool would continue to keep alive the ethics of professionalism in teaching by organizing series of professional development workshops for their teachers. He finally advised the workshop participants to share the knowledge gained from the workshop with their colleagues and utilize it properly in their classrooms,

In her welcoming address, the headmistress of Advance Nursery and LowerBasicSchool, Ms Mbayang Jobe, thanked her teachers for their large turnout to the workshop. She advised them to make best use of the knowledge gained at the workshop. Headmistress Jobe promised her teachers that a workshop of this nature will continue to be part of her school's first priorities adding that it always improves teachers academically in their teaching career. She told her teachers that her office door is always open to them for anything pertaining to the development of the school and thanked Mr. Touray for accepting to serve as a resource person to the workshop.

During the workshop the topics dilated on included, lesson plans, schemes of work, ethics of teachers in the school environment and the teacher/public relationship to management .The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Akeem Abudu while Mr. Yusuf Ehi chaired the workshop.