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Japan’s aid should be properly utilised

Jun 4, 2013, 12:03 PM

Japan has just announced another financial package in a form of aid to Africa to the tune of US$32 billion.

The aid seeks to boost robust and sustainable economy, peace and stability, youth training among others on the continent.

With this and previous support, the Japanese government has once more manifested their love and concern for the well-being of the African people.

It is now left with the receiving African countries to make good use of the funds, by fruitfully utilising them.

While we welcome this new development, we would also like to say that there should be a form of transparent and proper mechanism as to who should receive the funds and how they should be spent.

Our concern is that many a time, donors would like to help to improve the living standard of poor Africans but sometimes their funds are not well trickled down to the people.

Funds intended to support the continent’s growth and development should not be allowed to be used in any form that does not represent the interest of Africans, such as unending partying by the powers that be when millions of Africans are dying of hunger and poor health in their poor villages.

Japan should also consider issues of respect for human rights, freedom of the press and freedom of expression, adherence to the rule of law, among others, as preconditions for its aid to Africa, if they want their funds to reach the most needed Africans and make fruitful impact.