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Jammeh will not step down, says Information Minister

Jan 12, 2017, 11:09 AM

Seedy Njie, Minister of Information, in an interview with Radio Gambia yesterday, said “the president will not step down”.

“He has not said he would step down,” he added, saying: “The rumours created in town are false and fabricated by people who want to create chaos and confusion.”

Minister Njie also said President Jammeh reassures Gambians that peace and stability will be preserved.

“There will be no inauguration; and anybody attempting to swear anybody that will tantamount to abrogating the 1997 constitution,” the new information minister said.

Minister Njie said it is only the Supreme Court which can determine the validity of the results based on section 49. Anybody who tries attempting to abrogate some parts of the constitution will be taking a “criminal and treasonable” step.