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Jammeh on significance of Tobaski

Oct 29, 2012, 10:52 AM

President Yahya Jammeh has said that the Muslim feast of Eid-ul Adha is a reminder of the total submission of Prophet Ebrahim and his family to the will of Allah.

He said the day bears blessings and wisdom that should strengthen the bonds that bind families and values that guide such relationships.

The Gambian leader made these in his Tobaski message to the nation read on GRTS.

He said Tobaski reminds us that Islam is all about total submission to the will of Allah, which he noted requires obedience and discipline.

He called on all to endeavour with honesty to acquire decent incomes, noting that Islam enjoins all Muslims to live by their sweat in the spirit of unity, love and peaceful co-existence.

He underscored government’s commitment to the protection and preservation of Islamic values in the drive to become an economic superpower, saying development is underpinned by strong spiritual and moral values.

President Jammeh further urged all to be God-fearing, uphold Islamic values and desist from crime and harbouring criminals, saying this life is transitional and not eternal.

While calling for an end to the suffering of women, children, and the elderly in conflict-ridden areas of the world, the Gambian leader stressed the need for global peace and unity, without which, he said, humanity will continue to suffer.

The President reiterated his zero tolerance for crime, violence and the undermining of national security. He further sympathized with the people of Syria, Palestine and other trouble spots in the world.

He prayed that May Allah accept all the sacrifices made by Muslims during the feast, the worship of the pilgrims as well as ease the predicament of all those in distress.