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Jamburr murder suspect denies killing

Apr 16, 2010, 2:23 PM | Article By: Soury Camara

Sulayman Ceesay, the alleged killer of one Adama Jatta sometime last year, has opened his defence at the Special Criminal Court, presided over by Justice Moses Richards.

Testifying yesterday, Mr. Ceesay told the court that, "I don't know the deceased, and have nothing to do with her death. I live in Dippa Kunda, and did not know Jamburr.

"I was going to fetch fire-wood in the bush, and the police intercepted me at Babato at the sea near Sukuta. They apprehended me, and took me to Brikama Police Station," he further testified.

Mr. Ceesay added "at the police station, I was told that my arrest was in connection with stealing something."

When shown the picture of the deceased in court, the accused person, who found it difficult to speak clearly, said "I cannot recognise the image on the said picture, and did not kill her."

Mr. Ceesay also denied owning the exhibits of a shirt and trousers found near a bundle of newly-harvested rice that was scattered at the scene where the deceased was killed.

The court invited the accused person to put his foot in shoes left at the bush where Adama Jatta was killed, and after putting on the shoes, Mr. Ceesay said, "they fit me, but the shoes are not mine."

The prosecution called the last witness, one Sarjo Bojang, who testified that he knew the deceased, Adama Jatta, who was killed on 29th October 2009 in the bush.

Mr. Bojang informed the court that prior to the killing of the deceased, "I saw someone standing along the foot-path near the bush where Adama Jatta was beheaded."

He continued "I later identified the accused person at the Brikama Police Station."

"I saw the accused person on that day putting on a brown shirt and black trousers," Mr. Bojang further revealed.

The shirt and trousers were identified by Mr. Bojang in court, who said they were the very clothes worn by the accused person "when I saw him at the bush, while it was getting dark."

Case continues on 10th May for cross-examination of Mr. Ceesay.