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It's Ronaldo's Turn

Nov 13, 2008, 4:36 AM

Who will be crowned the footballer of the year this time around? Tongues are already waging. Some say it is Messi the Argentine international who is plying his trade at Barcelona. Others favour Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese international playing for Manchester United. Both players are the favourites to take the crown.

Thierry Henry of Barcelona Football Club is already drumming up support for his team-mate to be named the European Footballer of the year. He says Messi's skills are extraordinary, "out of the world". In his modesty, Messi says that either Xavi or Sergio Kun Aguero is more deserving of the prestigious Ballon D'Or.

By contrast, Ronaldo shows no modesty; he parades himself as God's gift to football. Believe it or not, Ronaldo is the most exciting football in the world today. His pace, skills, clinical ball control and uncanny ability to score at will are the qualities that set him apart from the rest of the crowd.

Before C.Ronaldo, we have had amazing talents such as Zidane, Figo, Beckham, etc. At the peak of their careers, they all dazzled the world with their breath-taking skills. And were rewarded accordingly. By rewarding those players with honour, the football fraternity sought to spur them to greater things. And throughout, they never let us down.

Ronaldo is at a point in his career when he should be encouraged with this prestigious award so that the world can see more of the magic of his nimble feet. He has helped Manchester to both Premiership and European glory. He has also been an indispensable force in the Portuguese team. In terms of both country and club, the young man has given a good account of himself.

Giving him the award now will be a confirmation of what the world has been expecting all along. This is Ronaldo's year - he is the main issue of world football at the moment.

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