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It’s good to invest in The Gambia

Dec 8, 2010, 12:34 PM

The coming of high-level Moroccan entrepreneurs to the Gambia for the third edition of the Moroccan Caravan organised by Marco Exports, and hosted by the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment, is indeed a most welcomed development.

The good thing about the week-long event is that other African countries will also participate in the Caravan, and it will also give these countries the opportunity to build stronger trade and economic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and other countries within the Africa region.

The Gambia is for the first time hosting the event, and should use the occasion to invite the investors to invest in our national priority areas of Agriculture, Energy, Health and Education.

We strongly believe that this Caravan, at the end of the day, would be of benefit to the Gambia and the African continent as a whole.

Meanwhile, the two countries should use their strong bilateral relations to make the meeting as successful as possible, and to make sure that their vision and mission for the caravan is achieved.

The various experts coming from different countries should feel free to engage each other, and come up with mutual agreements that would be realistic as well as based on their areas of interest.

We would also commend the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry for hosting such an Important regional meeting in the country.