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It's all about you

Apr 22, 2010, 11:58 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

How often do you snap at the next person and fume like they have done the most abominable act one could never think of? How often do you smile when receiving something or giving something to some one? When last did you say thank you? Do you pause to have a glimpse of yourself at the mirror, grimace and realize that you are good looking, that you are a nice person, and most importantly that you are you; and that is what counts?

We sometimes develop certain habits that kill us every day. Some of these habits are very bad and we only become aware of them when they are too late.

The negative force which weighs us down is when we take things for granted. We take the slightest thing we have for granted, say, our environment. We only begin to take in our environment when we have a guest and start making up the house. Taking an empty can of soda from the table, sweeping papers from the floor, picking up tiny bits of clothes here and there, left around the night before carelessly because we thought tidiness didn't count. But we begin to realize that they are bad habits once we have a visitor and what happens next is we start giving weak, pathetic and lame excuses.

That is our 'Aha' moment, and I could bet my last penny that there and then we would swear that we won't repeat it again, but most often a repetition occurs.

How many times have you picked your nose in public, realized that you are doing so, but still couldn't stop yourself. How many times have you greeted the next person and still keep on greeting him even if you knew you won?t receive an answer? When was the last time you smiled or laughed with the whole of your heart and realized that you are doing so for the first time in many days, months or even years?

There are just many things we take for granted and we really shouldn't.

Life comes in different ways and they are to be cherished and celebrated in every way possible.

Take for example, you feel down and there is nothing that can make you feel good about yourself; you can consider looking at an old funny photo you took back in those days or even in school even if you have already done that the thousandth time. That will definitely lift your spirit - seeing yourself in old-time baggy trousers, funny clothes, half rolled socks, and a smudged make-up you did to attend a friend's party.

You can also consider checking up the newest things in your ward-robe and test them out again. If you are a lady you can try out your new make-up set, new pumps, stilettos or your new out-fit. That surely will make you feel good because new things sure do make people feel good in a beautiful and different kind of way.

You can also take glory in what ever thing you do or receive. Say, you scored 10/15 in your test; you can tell yourself you did more than you think you would have done. At least give yourself a pat in the back and you would surely feel good about yourself.

Look at your image in the mirror and praise yourself for looking good each time you look into it. Grimace at your reflection, make a pose and adore yourself all over again.

You can make this try-out every time before you leave for work and believe me, your day would be lively, amazing, blessed and most importantly you will feel a lot more good about yourself!!!