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Islamic seminar wraps-up at Kartong

Aug 4, 2010, 2:20 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Draboe

A twelve-day Islamic seminar organised by Al Atharee Association of the Gambia for Islamic Education, Dawah and propagation, in collaboration with Viva Islamic in the UK over the weekend ended in Kartong village, Kombo South district.

Speaking at the seminar held at Masjid Al-Guraaba in Kartong, Oustass Abdourahman Latuche, the Director of Al-Atharee Association said the purpose of the seminar was to bring together senior secondary school students from various Islamic institutions across the country with a view to properly equip them.

Mr. Latuche stated that the event was the 2nd annual Islamic seminar organised by his association to ensure that students get a wide range of knowledge in various syllabuses, adding that seminars and symposiums of such nature are good in pursuing knowledge. He promised that the event would be a continuous process.

In his presentation on the topic "The Important of Knowledge and what God explained in the Holy Quran," Dr Sheik Jawla said the benefit of knowledge doesn't stop at only the person with the knowledge, but those who also listen to preachers.

"The important of Islamic knowledge is always to preach people," he said, noting that "God has created human beings and the devils only to worship him."

According to him, Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said any body who takes the proper road in pursuit of knowledge God will make an easy way for him or herself to enter into his "Jana".

This, he added, "is why seeking knowledge in Islam is also part of worshipping God." That is why Sariah, an Islamic law indicated that when one is seeking for knowledge, he or she should only do it in the name of Allah and nothing else.

The Coordinator of the twelve-day seminar Alhassan Fatty, who also doubles as the Principal of Alhagie Masanneh Islamic Institute said the seminar was very important since it will not only benefit the students, but others who attend the seminar.

Fatty noted that the event came at a time when all the Islamic schools have closed and the students are free to attend full time classes with interesting topics and syllabuses that will help them in their various subjects at school.

The Administrative Officer of the association Oustass Ismael Abdallah also spoke at the ceremony.