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Islamic Centre For Harmonization holds fast breaking meal

Sep 7, 2010, 12:27 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

In line with the teachings of Islam, more and more organizations in the country continue to organise fast breaking meals for groups and individuals. The latest to do so was the Islamic Centre for Harmonization of Schools of Thought which held their Iftar (fast breaking) meal recently.

The program which was held at the centre in Pipeline was attended by imams and Islamic scholars, and there were recitation from the holy Quran.

Speaking to this reporter at the Iftar, Alhaji Ousman M Jah the Executive Director of the centre said their aim is to harmonise different schools of thought and ideologies having realised that Gambia Islamic scholars graduated from different schools with different ideological backgrounds.

According to him, the foundation sees it necessary to establish such an institution to advocate for tolerance and understanding between different Islamic scholars with differing backgrounds in order to advocate for what has already happen in different Islamic states in the world.

He blamed different ideologies for some of the fights happening between Islamic scholars in the world in the name of jihad.

Oustass Jah noted that The Gambia is one of the Islamic states in a global world, adding that the centre is here to spread awareness and brotherhood among Muslims, and also advocate dialogue between different religious sects.

He revealed that the main purpose of them organising the fast-breaking program was to gather imams and Islamic scholars to commemorate the International Day of AL-QUDs (Jerusalem).

"Which we know and believe could belong to Muslims community, but is occupied by others for a long time". Thus, he said such a program would call the attention of Muslims to the significance of that place.