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Gambia Christian Council issues Press Release

Jan 18, 2017, 4:17 PM

The Gambia Christian Council (GCC) hereby notifies all organizations, institutions and the general public that in line with the Council’s Constitution, Full Membership of GCC comprises of the Founder members: the Anglican Mission, the Methodist Mission and the Roman Catholic Mission. Full membership therefore entitles the churches concerned to five (5) representatives each to the Council comprising of the Head of Churches (Bishops), one minister, one woman and two others.

Other membership of Council include the Associate and Affiliate members whose membership is accorded to any Church or Christian organization which accepts Council Basis and whose application for membership is approved by two-thirds majority of the Full Members. Some members or churches in these categories may not therefore necessarily have any representative in Council as only one (1) representative from each category is required.

It is therefore with utmost importance to alert the general public in particular, to note that when the Gambia Christian Council (GCC) is being represented in any circumstance whatsoever, it is expected that its representative(s) MUST come from a Full Member of Council, i.e. either from the Anglican, Methodist or Roman Catholic Missions.

Recently, some individuals who are not full members of Council have erroneously represented the GCC without any mandate or approval and we would like to avert this situation in future.

Bishop Robert Ellison Chairman,  Gambia Christian Council       

Bishop James Yaw Odico  Bishop of Anglican Diocese         

Presiding Bishop Hannah Faal-Heim Bishop of Methodist Mission