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IOU opens new branch in Kerr Sering

Aug 3, 2015, 10:50 AM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

Islamic Online University recently opened a new branch called Global Arabic Language Programme (GALP) in Kerr Sering.

The inauguration was well attended by the students presently enrolled at the IOU in Tallinding and the newly registered students GALP.

Speaking on the occasion, Ousainou Allen, IOU Country Representative, said GALP is a programme designed to develop the Gambian people in the Islamic religion as well as in professional life (trade or careers).

Currently four courses are offered under GALP: Arabic for Quran and Hadith, foundation for the Muslim, Arabic for diplomatic purposes, and Arabic for travel and trade.

But Mr Allen said that for now only Arabic for Quran and Hadith, and foundation for the Muslim are fully developed and ready to be offered to the students.

Arabic for Quran and Hadith is for those with zero Arabic language knowledge as it is designed to take students to a level where they can read and understand the Arabic text in Quran and Hadith, the IUO Gambia representative said.

The other course, foundation for the Muslim, is designed for all Muslims who want to master the foundation of the religion - Tawheed (pillars of Imaan), Fiqhul-Ibaadah (purification, salah Sawm, Zakaat, and Hajj), and the daily prayers.The course is also taught in Arabic.

All courses are in three levels: level one, two and three, and each has a duration of three months with D3,500 as course fee for each level.