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Investigator says CCG correspondence found in Dr Janneh’s email

Dec 2, 2011, 1:42 PM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

A senior police officer and investigator in the treason trial involving former Information Minister Dr Amadou Scatred Janneh and others, has told the special criminal court in Banjul that the investigation found email correspondence between the members of the “Coalition for Change” The Gambia and Dr Janneh.

Continuing his testimony, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Bakebba Suso told the court that after the discovery of the hard drive used by the 1st accused, they found an audio press release and interview containing the voice of Ndey Tapha Sosseh, the Secretary General of CCG.

He adduced further that the press release in the audio starts and ends with the National Anthem of The Gambia, adding that he instructed Ousman Thorpe to transcribe the said audio, which he did.

The transcribed version of the audio was showed to the witness, who recognized it and it was subsequently marked and admitted as an exhibit following request by the prosecutor.

He said further searches were conducted at Dr. Janneh’s Paradise Estate residence and his Commit Office, where T-shirts were found in shelves at the office and another one at his residence.

He testified further that he took photos of Dr Janneh holding the said T-shirts at both his residence and office, adding that on the T-shirts it was printed in front: “Coalition for Change” The Gambia and at the back “Freedom.”

He said the photos were printed using office computer, adding that before they left the office, Inspector Gaye shows him a car which, he said, Dr. Janneh used to distribute the said T-shirts.

The witness said he asked Janneh whether the car belongs to him, and he responded in the positive, noting that the car was later taken to the PIU headquarters in Kanifing.

He said he took the registration number of the car to the police licensing department which later confirmed that the car belongs to the 1st accused person.

He testified further that a letter from the licensing department was issued verifying the ownership of the car.

The letter was also admitted and marked as an exhibit in court, likewise the T-shirts and printed photos.

PW 14 as designated by the court said they asked Dr Janneh to open his email account, which he did in their presence, adding that his correspondence with CCG members was seen.

The audio press release was also found in the email inbox, adding that after confronting the 1st accused he told him that the information can be found in almost all Gambian online newspapers.

He said the user name in the inbox was sent to him by Mathew K. Jallow and is CCTG411@GMAIL.COM and the password APRIL411.

Hearing was adjourned till Tuesday 11 to 12 pm and Thursday 10:30 to 1 pm.

Dr. Janneh, a former political science professor in US and one-time political and economic officer at the US Embassy in Banjul was accused of conspiring with others to carry out an enterprise with force, with the intent to usurp the executive powers of the state in the month of May 2011 at

Kairaba Avenue
and diverse places in The Gambia.

Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh was also accused of distributing T-shirts bearing “Coalition for Change” The Gambia, and “End to Dictatorship Now” with intent to usurp the executive powers of the state in May 2011 at Kairaba Avenue and diverse places in The Gambia.

The last count stated that the accused person in the month of May 2011 in Kairaba Avenue and diverse places in The Gambia distributed T-shirts bearing “Coalition for Change” The Gambia, “End to Dictatorship Now” with intent to incite the inhabitants of The Gambia to attempt to procure alteration otherwise than by lawful means any matter in The Gambia as established by law.