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Introducing Chosaan Bar and Restaurant

Jan 29, 2010, 10:39 AM

As the Gambia's relentless match to carve an enviable position for itself in the hospitality industry shows no sign of abating, we put the spotlight on Chosaan Bar and Restaurant.

Situated along the busy Senegambia Kololi highway, Chosaan Bar and Restaurant is one of the most talked about spots in the country, amongst the middle-aged elite class within the entertainment industry in the Senegambia area.

In a chat with Entertainment last Wednesday night, Madam Fatou Jobe-Sillah, the co-proprietor of the bar and restaurant, said her restaurant was established since in 2003. Since its establishment up to date, Chosaan has acquired a reputation for satisfying customers simply because of the good services provided by the staff, under the good management rendered by her and her husband.

"I got the experience as a manager, because I was working in a restaurant for many years, before I travelled. With her experience and knowledge in management, Madam Sillah is confident that her restaurant will continue to be the hottest spot in the Senegambia tourist area.

Co-proprietor Sillah, who was in Sweden for many years, has also got experience as a cashier.

Chosaan Bar and Restaurant has the Chosaan band also under her management and her husband, Lamin Sillah. Chosaan band performs every night starting from 10pm onwards.  The performance of the band attracts both Gambians and non-Gambians.

Touching on the global economic crisis, Madam Sillah revealed that this has also affected the tourist season. She, therefore, thanked her "lovely husband", who gave her support and trained her to become what she is today, describing him as "a role model".