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Int’l Youth Day commemoration set for Friday

Aug 9, 2016, 12:17 PM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

The National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with Activista-The Gambia and other local partners is set to commemorate International Youth Day on Friday 12 August 2016.

The commemoration, observed in the form of a symposium, would commerce with a match-past from Trust Bank Bakau branch to the venue – Independence Stadium Friendship Hotel in Bakau.

The day is celebrated on August 12th each year to recognize the efforts of the world’s youth in enhancing global society.

 It also aims to promote ways to engage them in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities.

In addition, the annual event is organized for the purpose of engaging the youth of the world in conversations with their local, national and international leaders.

From workshops to meetings, showcases and performances, communities are called upon to encourage interaction between current leaders and those who will lead in the future.

In this vein, the National Youth Council as the governing body of youth affairs in the country in partnership with Activista-The Gambia, would celebrate this important day with a symposium, where more than 250 youths would gather to discuss with partners the challenges and problems facing the world’s youth.

The theme for this year’s commemoration is: “The Road to 2030 - Eradicating Poverty, Inequality and Achieving Youth Power 1.8 billion Strong.”

A unique theme is adopted annually to assist in focusing awareness on issues affecting youths around the world.

By highlighting the role youths could take and the impact they can make on our global society, the hope is to engage youths and cultivate their increased contributions to their communities.

Speaking at a press briefing held at the National Youth Council office last Thursday, Mariama Sima, programme officer advocacy & communication at the National Youth Council, said the objectives of commemorating the day is to make the young people, contributing positively in youth development, feel that their efforts are recognized; to make the young people prove that they can make a change; to make sure leaders include the youths in the fight against ending poverty, unemployment, inequality and climate change in order to achieve their goals; and to make sure the world is inspired by a Youth Power that is 1.8 billion Strong.

Ms Sima pointed out some of the strides/gains made in promoting youth participation in national development in the country, adding that the Minister for Youth and Sports would make a televised statement on the eve of the day.

She added that the symposium would involve relevant stakeholders, partners and even private sector representatives who matter most in the enhancement of youth development.

She stated that they also aim to create awareness on the importance of the day through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #YouthDay.

Key messages such as “1.8 billion strong #youthpower”; “Young people for positive change” and “Include the generation of young people and keep promises”, would also be shared.

Ansumana Camara, National Training Support Coordinator at Activista-The Gambia, said a team would use questionnaires in all the regions to collect voices of young people with regards to the day, and it would be put in the form of a documentary called the Youth Charter.

After collecting the voices of youths, they would be put in a documentary, and played during the symposium, he added.

Taslima Jallow, an intern at the National Youth Council, also spoke briefly at the briefing.