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International Volunteers Day

Dec 5, 2012, 9:11 AM

December 5th each year offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions either at the local, national and international levels to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The day is also meant to celebrate the commitment and hope for a better world.

The main focus for this year is to raise awareness of and recognition for volunteers and volunteer organizations.

The purpose is to recognise this commitment, to inform people about the impact of volunteering on peace and sustainable development, and to applaud volunteers for their dedication and impact.

We, therefore, salute all the volunteers across the country and beyond, for their selfless sacrifice to advancing the cause of humanity.

The rewards of volunteers are enormous, and by offering such services they have the opportunity of improve their own skills; thus improve the lives of those they served.

Money, they say, is not everything and, therefore, at one stage in life, one must be prepared to put one’s energy, knowledge and skills at the service of humanity.

We, therefore, salute the efforts of partners such as UNDP, VSO, US Peace Corps, National Volunteer Network-The Gambia (VolNet-Gam), and all those volunteering in The Gambia.

As we mark this very important day, we encourage all Gambians and those living in the country to consider at one point in their lives to offer voluntary services to communities.

The need for the services of volunteers, especially in the fields of education, health, agriculture, in particular, are well-needed in the country.

It is never a waste to consider volunteering for one’s nation in any good form.