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International photojournalist ends attachment with The Point

Sep 15, 2010, 12:01 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Leo Dietrich, a photographer from Swiss, recently concluded a weeklong internship with The Point newspaper.

Asked why he chose The Point, Leo said: "First of all, I like The Gambia because it is quiet and peaceful. To return to your question, I know the representative of Reuters in Dakar that put me in relation to Mr Pap Saine, Dean correspondent of Reuters. But the main reason is that The Point is an independent newspaper."

He emphasised the importance of photos in newspaper article presentation.

"A good photo should tell a story in two seconds; picture should clearly identify the theme. What is difficult is to put everything in an image," he explained.

According to him, the strength of the image is that it is understood by everyone, since everyone can read it. He added that the photojournalist is always close to places where things are happening.

It is also recommended that photojournalists always work with a journalist writing the article to focus well on the stage.

"This is not about technology, but the person who makes a good photo," he said. "The request may also determine the quality of the photo and it is necessary to have good equipment. One can have all the equipment and does not make good pictures. Aesthetics is not the main objective, but rather the usefulness of the information. If beauty aspect can be added is even better. But it is the information that is important," he said. 

He also said photojournalism attracts more people in other parts of the word because people like images and many people prefer to read or are able to read images. "Increasingly this is not very known, while the market exists, especially with newspapers, the internet and magazines. Besides, the image is present everywhere," he added.

Leo Dietrich advised those who want to engage in photojournalism to first learn written journalism, saying that will help them to reach more easily its purpose - how to snap for an article – and not to take 100 photos and choose one.

"Learn with a professional on the field," he advised, saying: "A good background in written journalism before embarking on this profession is required."