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Interior minister to meet online media periodically

Jul 25, 2017, 11:34 AM

The office of the Minister of the Interior wishes to announce that the Honourable Minister will periodically be meeting with new/online media to discuss issues pertaining to his work.

This initiative is designed to render an account of the Honourable Minister’s work to the public.

It is the strong view of the Office of the Minister that transparency and accountability are the pillars of good governance.  In this direction, it is the intent of the Office of the Minister to stay true to President Adama Barrow’s government’s philosophy of complying with best practices in democratic governance, of which the issue of transparency and accountability has become so imperative.

Through this periodic media engagement, citizens will be positioned to have a real peep into the activities of the Minister and his Ministry. Citizens will also have the opportunity to engage their Minister on issues of national interest.

The Office of the Minister has been engaging the local media – while lack of physical presence of the online media has made it difficult for them to have their fair share of engagement.  The Minister now deems it prudent to engage the online media in the form of Bantabas.

“We believe that this is an effective way for us to fulfill our responsibility of being transparent and accountable. What is more, this will reduce outside opportunities for negative speculation that have come to characterize recent past weeks,” the statement from the Interior Ministry says.

The Office of the Interior Minister wishes to state that the political integrity of the Minister is intact and unshakable.  He has an admirable sense of duty – and remains committed to putting on a good performance when it comes to the business of keeping Gambians safe and secure.

It is commendable to see Gambians demanding for transparency and accountability in governance – at all time and across all levels, the statement said, adding:  “Gambians especially those in the Diaspora are free to direct all concerns and queries to the Ministry of the Interior. You can also send queries to: lsbnjie@gmail.com”



Lamin Njie

Media and Publicity Aide