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Indiscipline in our schools

Oct 14, 2011, 1:56 PM

The issue of indiscipline in our schools is an issue of concern for teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the education system.

While a good numbers of our students are respectful, ready to learn and, most importantly, disciplined, there still exist some indisciplined students.

Those are our concern, and the concern of school authorities as well.

While we are not blaming parents much for the indiscipline of their children in schools, we believe that some of them also have to be blamed.

 Since children spend more time at home than in school, one would imagine that their parents would discipline them at home through teaching them the right way, before sending them to school.

If parents fail to do so, then they are contributing partly to the problem.

Nowadays, many parents are not as involved in their children’s education as they should.

While some are very much concerned about their children’s education, some are still not doing much in this area.

Our school administrators, policy-makers and teachers have been struggling to find solutions to the problem of indiscipline in our schools, but the situation is still a cause for concern.

Students must take their learning seriously, and give maximum respect to their teachers and colleagues.

They must not be carried away by peer influence, but rather should always honour their teachers.

It is very sad that in some schools, you see students insulting, threatening or even fighting teachers.

To us, this is unacceptable and must stop now in all our schools, from Konia to Kartong, irrespective of who owns the school or who the teacher is.

We, therefore, encourage school administrators to foster cordial relations between teachers and students.

And they must also put in proper disciplinary measures to address the situation.

Our final advice to those indisciplined students in our schools, is that they must change their attitudes, if they want to succeed in life, and must also remember that what goes around comes around.

Meaning, if you beat, insult or threaten your teachers you must expect that one day someone somewhere will also do the same thing to you.

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