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Independent candidate disappointed with seyfo

Mar 20, 2012, 12:08 PM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah in CRR

The Independent Candidate for Niani constituency in the Central River Region, Demba Sambou, has expressed his disappointment with the chief of the district, Seyfo Pierre Bah.

During his campaign rallies held in the various villages of Niani Sukuta , Kayai, Sait Maram, Nema, and Jarumeh Koto over the weekend, the independent candidate said he was disappointed by the chief’s active participation in the campaign of his opponent.

According to him, he has been told by the Independent Electoral Commission that no chief should take part in any campaign, and that they have no right to do so.

However, he has seen that the chief of Niani is in the forefront of campaigning for the APRC candidate.

It would be recalled that six political parties in the country are not participating in the March 29th National Assembly elections, after they claimed that the playing field ‘is not level.’

The Independent candidate in Niani meanwhile has urged the IEC to do something about it, in order to stop the area’s chief from campaigning for his ruling party opponent.

Sambou a former provincial reporter for the Daily Observer newspaper, told his supporters that he knows very well that the people of Niani will not vote for Ebrima Manneh, since they have been disappointed with him and have lost trust and confidence in him.

“Since he was voted in as NAM for the constituency, five years ago, he has not even stepped foot in some of these communities to thank them for voting for him, much less to bring about any development project for the people of Niani,” he said.

Mr. Sambou is optimistic of winning the seat in the forthcoming elections.

He added that the people are convinced that he is the only person who can bring about sustainable development for the people of Niani district.

Noting that plans are already in place to execute development projects in the area, he urged his people not to be moved by big talk from his opponent.

Ebrima Sillah the campaign manager for Independent candidate Sambou, highlighted some of the contributions, in terms of sports, Sambou has been making in the past years in the area.

To him, “we are convinced that if he is voted in, he will be able to bring about a lot of developmental projects in the district”.

He therefore urged all and sundry to vote for Sambou for sustainable developments in the area.

Sambou and his team also held rallies in Touba Kuta, Tuba Koto and Sareh Nyaga all in the Niani district.

Sambou who was given a rousing welcomed in all these villages, in a form of singing and chanting by the villagers, said this manifested their support for him.

Demba Sambou is a native of Wassu village in Niani District, CRR north, and attended Kuntaur primary school, Latri kunda Technical Secondary School and finally Kaur Senior Secondary School in 1998.