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In Oley Sey Criminal Trial, Prosecution Case Closed

Sep 15, 2008, 5:17 AM | Article By: By Modou Sanyang

After calling four witnesses in support of their case, the prosecuting officer, Cadet Inspector Keita, on Friday informed the court that the prosecution has closed their case in the criminal trial of Oley Sey and Abdou Rahman Bah.

The duo, Oley Sey and Abdou Rahmam Bah, are standing trial at the Banjul Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Lamin George for allegedly stealing the Sum of D500,000 being the money donated to SulaymanJunkungJammehNursery School situated at Abuko by the president.

In his testimony, the prosecutions last witness Boto Tamba, the Alkalo of Abuko informed the court thatthe 2nd accused is his colleague while he got to know the 1st accused Oley Sey during the presentation of D500,000 at the office of the Secretary of State for Basic and Secondary Education. He said the 2nd Accused Mr Bah approached him to say that he had a white man friend who want to assist him to build a nursery but that he had not got land. He added that in consultation with the community of Abuko land was allocated to him. Alkalo Tamba further told the court that they were in that community work at the nursery school when the President of the Republic met them there during his visit to the Abuko life stock and promised to denote the sum of D500, 000 for the completion of the nursery school.

Further adducing his evidence, Alkalo Tamba revealed that the money was given to Secy Faye who at the presentation at her office handed over to the 2nd accused Abdou Rahman Bah. He said after the handing over it was said that the money should be put in the bank the same day. He added that the 2nd accused said the money could not be put in the bank on that day as he and the 1st accused Oley Sey are going to see the chief of protocol. He added that was the last day he saw the 2nd accused and whenever he called he would not reach him.

He said on the 7th of August 2008, he was called by KMC Mayor that he had seen the 2nd accused and he should meet them at his office.

He stated that at the Mayor's office the 2nd accused was asked to produce the money but he pleaded to be given until the next day. The Mayor insisted that he either produce the money that day or else he would take him to the police. He adduced that later they were called to the SOS for Basic and Secondary Education office where the 2nd accused again pleaded to given until the next day. He said the 1st accused Oley Sey requested to see him together with the 2nd accused outside where the 1st accused told him to plead to others that the next day they will produce the money. He declined to Oley Sey's appeal.

He said he told the 2nd accused, Mr Bah, that he had to tell the truth or else he would not go home. He said it was then the 2nd accused, Mr Bah, told them that at the 1st accused Oley Sey 's house he only retained D100,000 and the D400,000 was with Oley Sey. He said they were there without reaching any conclusion when a police officer came in and arrested four of them to the NIA were he made his statement.

The case was at that juncture adjourned until the 19th of September 2008.