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In Defence of Halifa and Co

Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM

I am tempted to comment on some of the unfortunate and unprecedented sentiments being expressed by certain individuals who are indeed very ignorant of the reality and being consumed by selfishness and other egos towards some very respected personalities in our political circles.

Most of us are shouting at the top of our voices today, thanks to democracy and the positive change of government in the December polls.

It is no hidden fact though that most of us commenting on the current state of affairs in the country today had dared not some two or three months ago. What is therefore prudent on us all is to embrace and cherish the change positively in the spirit of one Gambia, one Nation, one People.

It is disheartening and a setback for our young democracy to hear people who are neither equipped with any background of political knowledge nor bore any requisite experience in politics, aiming verbal attacks and character assassination on some of our veteran political figures in the country. I found this really unfair and uncalled for.

One like Halifa Sallah, who had held the country together during the resent political impasse rather single handed is being seen in some quarters as someone who wants to undermine the Barrow administration and that being the reason why he and his PDOIS party declined to take ministerial post in the government and rather vying for the National Assembly. I am sure President Barrow would not subscribe to these views.

This is narrow mind thinking. I haven’t seen any individual who has participated so hard than Halifa Sallah in bringing the coalition together and convincing the electorate that their votes can bring about a change in the status quo. Had it not been him, it would have taken the country months or even never to eject the former regime.

When the election results were annulled and fresh elections being called for, Halifa went on radio stations and wrote in newspapers that the one who wanted to do that do not have the legal mandate to do so.

And he urged the electorate to focus on the date the new president was to be sworn in rather than focusing on what a loser of an election said. It was that, that kept the population calm and resolute.

We all have our favourites but when truth is evident let it always guide our conscience.

I hope we have a dozen or more of his type in the National Assembly to lay the democratic principles we had all yearned for so long.

By a Concerned Citizen