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IEC endorses Mamma Kandeh’s candidature for Dec 1 poll

Nov 8, 2016, 10:01 AM | Article By: Kaddijatou Jawo

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) yesterday received and endorsed the candidature of Mamma Kandeh, party leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, for the December 1 presidential election.

The Chairman of the IEC, Alieu Momar Njai, told Mamma Kandeh that he is qualified to run for the presidency because he has produced all the things the IEC needed.

He had met all the requirements, Njai declared.

IEC chairman Njai further said the election would not be rigged, and “it is going to be free and fair”.

He stated that before voting starts, all the party agents would ensure that the polling drums are totally empty and would be sealed in the presence of party agents and representatives.

He said nobody has the right to enter the polling booth, except the one who is going to vote. So there will be transparency, the IEC chairman assured the candidate.

He further told Kandeh that all the documents he had submitted are subject to scrutiny, and any complaint or anything that was not properly done would be communicated to him; but as of now he could be handed the letter to say that the IEC categorically accepted his nomination.  

Mamma Kandeh, in his remarks, thanked all the members of the GDC and everyone, especially the IEC, for giving them the opportunity to be part of the electoral process, and the sensitisation exercise that has been conducted by the IEC nationwide.

“Gambians have been calling and registering their appreciation for what the IEC is doing in terms of sensitization, and giving them the right to vote for anyone they feel like voting for.

“I concur with the IEC that the elections cannot be rigged, especially this coming election, because we have also been following the footsteps of the IEC and the environment you have created for all the political parties,” the GDC leader added.

“The election is going to be free and fair, and the GDC is a party that respects everybody’s dignity and rights, and we are non-violent people and our message is always peace.

“I, therefore, urge all political parties to maintain the same spirit, and the election is just a number of days and is done; and afterall we are Gambians and we will remain Gambians.

“We are also one family and The Gambia is too small for us to create violence within us; it is something that we don’t need,” he said.