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Oct 9, 2015, 10:58 AM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang

As we continue to face more tribulations than ever in human history from the 1WW to the 2WW, man still continues to live in abject ignorance of self-consciousness.

A lot more are averagely conscious about themselves and totally ignorant of the world they live in.Humanity has turned to be what you imagine not to be than what you are. Facts are thrown and stories nearly one. But where divergences exist in history, the power of the powerful dictates what we hear or see. What we nearly see every second is not actually natural. They are crafted on a corrupt drawing table, the table over which we will all never converge; the table more important than the heads using it.

This global village-the world-has turned into an artificial prison and a grave for the majority. The world that could survive more than it will certainly do, is now facing identity complications. A thing meaningful only in the positive sense of the term is now most important in the contrary. Identities are now border than ever before even where less important: the loss of human spirituality; the disappearance of common hood, and a farewell to human solidarity.

Primarily, we are concerned about which country a person comes from reflecting why he/she is in another place (assumingly a foreign land). Which religious background he/she lives answering the question of why is not the other one. Which sexual orientation one belongs is largely associated to whether you are a “believer” (religious in some sense) or not. Human consciousness had shifted from commonality to individualism to artificial identity. It is vague to hear identity without a follow up explanation but rather identity nowadays quickly adheres fundamentally to where one is a national, citizen or native of and also which religion you might belong. Identity crisis stampedes and signs dangerous largely because it follows a bad connotation. Being an American literally places someone at a higher status than been from one of the smallest countries in the same world. Privileges are at the doorsteps of those geographically advantaged against those not. If one geographically could decide where to live, the north will inhabit all the southerners.

Whether or not what is human is perfectly been born a human is majorly a matter of discourse.We live in a humanly crafted world where some are more human than others predominantly because they are born northerners. An Asian is not under the same checks and balances as an African to an average American.

Americans are irrefutably the most important people because of their passports and the whole world empowers this. We cultured it and support it at all cost. They (Americans are higher human beings) own dictation over the whole economic and political atmosphere even to those furthest from them. However, dictation as a political term is coined and gives sense only when use to define poorer people like Africans, Asians or Latin Americans. Of course we will never argue about the correctness of this scenario. What we do need to reflect about is whether identity gives any sense as a human being.

Many books are written, and many will be published. Many economists and politicians have spoken and many will continue to cheat. Many people are sick and signs show many will no doubt be driven to hospital wards. Life expectancy disparities continue to increase. Inequality is taken to be a natural phenomenon and human cannot help it. Sexual dominance teaches the future; Ignorance a self-failure rather than a collective economic and political denial. Many of such complexities are no more new. What is most painful is that, this tragedy is taken natural than an artificial identity pain. However, man can hardly deny the truth forever. He/she could cheat but cannot go forever unnoticed. In a nutshell, history will always manifest itself. Do we want history denied or pure? Knowing categorically clear that we are living the bad side of history until now and even in the worst way, it is still a step forward. We need not waste the chance to compensate the unprivileged, the disadvantaged, the weak, the poor, the sick and those denied their true identities. What we face contemporary is not an answer but the courage to give the right answer. We know all the questions and all the necessary answers yet we refuse to give them. We deny humanity. We lie and we fake. We certify what we are not because we make it so. We struggle for what we need not struggle for because others made it so. We think about living in Jupiter or Mars while our fellow crawls as savages under tents. The powerful forget they are so because others are weak and the knowledgeable thinks he is braver than the ignorant.

Our passports are our bridges, and our mosques, churches, temples or synagogues are means to separations.In our world(global village) divided by few people into countries, islands, nations, continents, unions, organisations etc. are not accidental and cannot be done without false fear of dominance. To each of this groups, classes or associations or separations, are human beings. In each there are agendas not exclusively without the other sides. If we sub independently live on the shoulders of each other, then it is time we solidify rather than dissolve our relationships. Why are these meaningless segregations when we are believed to be living in the same global village? Social scientists are no more corrupt about the truth of bridges that could give more meaning to human life. They try to convince economist and politicians that oneness is one budget and one existence.

For the mere basic scientific fact that the US is not an island means a lot. They could claim to own the world and could aggressively demonstrate that from time to time, but when other parts of the global village seize to exist, the “Almighty America” will seize to exist too. If this strong assumption is anything to go by, it will be pointless in our age and time to go by certain definition as regarding to where one is born to which religion one might belong to. Definitions are confliction and not always functional. They are a paradox especially to a human being. Definitions cannot constantly carry human metamorphosis. We are simply more than the words we use-we are what we are and not a definition. A single African is not a whole definition of all Africans. Likewise no single Christian is a whole to the religion. He is neither an interpretation of Christianity nor of spirituality as a whole. He could be only him and not even the closest fellow. Why do we hold crafted paper identities that divide us? Important as it is, humanity is the single significant identity. No doubt that humanity is on the verge of interpretation rather than a mere bearing of a human body. Identity cards, passports, insurances to name but among millions defines and divides humanity today into classes and sets, important to less important and valueless, if good or bad, whether a terrorist, jihadist, fundamentalist, fanatic or a good boy, tolerant or intolerant,to whether one is an African ,Asians, European, Latin American or a US citizen. Carrying a human body is not the answer. You cannot cross many bridges with a mere human head; you need a paper definition most probably of who you are not.

We have perfectly constructed a perpetual tragedy of humanity-the loss of identity. Are others less human with a different passport and those without any are not at all human? Plentiful apt answers have been forwarded to answer this question and the present identity crises manifests paper identity is not the right answer. Now why this modality of self bastardization? Should I be regarded important only if I am born in the north or have an identity connection there? Should I be condemned to abject poverty being an African? While we try to figure out new responses to this human crises that condemned Africans to die easily and Asians to cry for identity, time rides faster than the status quo.