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ICC/ACA cap module III financial management course held

Jul 21, 2016, 12:01 PM

The Gambia Cricket Association on 19 July 2016 conducted a day Cricket Administrator Programme (CAP) Module III Course on financial management. 

Held at the July 22nd Square hall in Banjul, the course brought together 15 participants.

Wilfred Riley, secretary general of the association, in his welcoming address, said the course was meant to equip participants with knowledge of financial management.

He said the course was also held to enhance the participants’ knowledge in accounting procedures.

The president of the association, Johnny Gomez, in his opening remarks, told participants of the significance of the course and how good financial management and proper bookkeeping would help them.

He also said no matter how big or small their association may be it is essential that they adopt sensible financial policies and processes.

Mr Gomez concluded by thanking ICC/ACA Africa for their support.

The day-long course looked at the following in group and in open forum discussions: Simple Finance System; Petty Cash and Journal; Budget and how to prepare budgets; Bank Reconciliation Statement of Assets and Liabilities; and Balance Sheet. 

The course conductor was Mr Wilfred R. Riley, a certified and accredited ICC/ACA CAP Administrator Presenter and was assisted by Mbye Dumbuya.