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I will never tolerate tribalism - President Jammeh

Jul 29, 2011, 10:55 AM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe on tour

President Yahya Jammeh has vowed that he would never tolerate tribalism in this country, calling on the youth, for whom he said the sky is the limit, to fight against tribalism.

Jammeh, who was addressing meetings in Lamin and Bundung as part of his meet-the-people tour on Wednesday, also called on Gambian youths not to follow "those who do not want their future progress."

"Let me make it very clear that as long as I’m the President of this country, I will never tolerate tribalism," Jammeh told thousands of supporters.

According to him, the opposition in this country have no room to become President of The Gambia, noting that real opposition leaders in any country praise the ruling government for her development efforts, but also criticizes genuinely when it makes mistakes.

In his view, there exists no genuine opposition in this country, "but what we have is opposition bent on tribalism", citing as examples other parts of the continent which, he said, are facing problems due to tribalism.

On drugs and corruption, the Gambian leader maintained his earlier pronouncement that such will never be tolerated in this country, noting that The Gambia has only one flag, which is the national flag.

While calling on Gambians to join him and develop the country for good, Jammeh urged his supporters to refrain from caricaturing those who reportedly defected to the ruling APRC party.

"The Gambia belongs to all of us. Let’s come together and develop it," he said, while applauding the women for rallying behind him and the APRC party since 1994.

"So I will never disappoint you," he told the cheering women.

He further stated that he has today developed the Kanifing Municipality so much so that its people cannot tell him anything, with regard to appeals for development projects.

"I have done what I should do for you in your area," he said.

In Lamin, President Jammeh pledged to end the water and electricity problems of the people in Lamin and its environs.

"You are raising concern over water and electricity supply, but all these are part of two projects that we have secured funds for to address them," he said, while assuring the gathering that by next year this time, the locals will not request for water and electricity.

He commended the women of Banjulinding and Lamin for their hard work and dedication, noting that, since 1994, the women of the two villages have "eaten what they grow and grown what they eat".

"They work during the rainy and dry seasons; no rest for them. This is why I always say for women and youths, the sky is the limit," he added.

The Gambian leader further called on the youth to take ownership of themselves by working for their country.

Aja Rohey Touray of Lamin village appealed to President Jammeh to help the villagers of Lamin and its environs with potable drinking water, electricity and employment for the female youth.

Paramount Chief Demba Sanyang, John P. Bojang, Chairman of the National Council for Civic Education, Jatto Sillah, minister of Forestry and Environment, and Yankuba Colley, APRC National Mobiliser, were among those who spoke at the meetings.

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