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I Took Over a De-spirited, Unconfident Team - GPA Coach

Jul 14, 2008, 9:29 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

The head coach of relegated GPA football club, Faraba Fofana, has stated that when he took over the team after the sacking of former coach, Ebou Cham Joof, the players were de-spirited and lacked confidence, making it very hard to get them back to their form. He said: "We had enough time to remedy the damage. I will take full responsibility of the team's relegation. It is not a new thing to go into the second division. Other teams went through it and came back to the first division. We will try to come back again."

Commenting on the team's relegation to a lower league, Coach Faraba Fofona said that the team had been rewarded for what he described as a poor performance, of which the lack of goal-scoring form is a key feature.

"Our players under-performed in the pitch and this is why we threw away about 28 points and lost five games. With this performance, relegation is surely obvious," he reasoned:

He maintained that the team's problem is not a management one, noting that 60% of the problem is purely from the technical side while 40% is from the players.

The failure of making it to the premier league this season has not despaired the GPA coach to make it the FA cup. He said that as defending champions, the team would go all out to ensure that they maintain the title.

He pointed out that GPA has the assurance to maintain its players despite playing at a lower league and is not bothered about losing players as a result of the relegation.