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I-Media on top

Nov 26, 2008, 5:08 AM

When Fatou Camara quit her job in 2005 as newscaster at the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) for a protocol job as the US Embassy in Banjul, it was widely feared that she had turned her back on the media for good. Little was it known then that she merely retreated in order to come back with a bang. The result of the three-year stint at the American Embassy is I-Media.

I-Media is in business to offer professional services in TV and radio commercials, documentaries, magazine and brochure production, professional writing and editing. I-Media offers a composite picture of the professional career of its chief executive officer, Fatou Camara, who has worked as a journalist and a public relations officer. She therefore brings to her clientele her wealth of varied experiences in the mass communication industry.

The Fatou Camara experience ought to serve as a guide to aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire the requisite know-how before plunging into any venture. Generally, people just dabble into a venture without being well grounded in it. The result is often catastrophic. But Fatou Camara has taken her time to learn the ropes and come out in style.

If the foundation is sturdy, success is bound to come because a solid base enables you to withstand the stress and strain that go with the territory.

I-Media is evidently on the move to the next level, having already established itself as the PR/marketing communication outfit of choice in town. Experience has shown that getting to the top is usually not as difficult as remaining on top. The competition is fiercer up there, with others seeing you as the one to beat in order to win the market leadership. It is for this reason that Fatou Camara has to drive herself even harder in order to be always deserving of her reputation as a market leader. She needs a team of highly self-driven individuals who will go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. To do this, they in turn have to be amply motivated to put in their very best.

With her reputation as a compulsively high achiever, there is no doubt that Fatou Camara will in due course transform I-Media into a PR corporation that will be the pride of the country