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Human resources fundamental to development

Aug 3, 2011, 1:51 PM

Human resources development is very key to the development of both the public and private sector of a country.

If any country wants to achieve meaningful economic growth, there is a need for the government to invest a lot in its human resource base, as this is the only way for a government to attain its development objectives.

One of the reasons why Africa is failing in this area is that it has few qualified personnel to man the institutions that matter most for economic growth and development.

The brain drain problem also serves as a major setback for African governments to maintain the few qualified personnel.

Most of our qualified technocrats prefer to go for a greener pasture to earn better money, rather than serving their own countries.

There are so many factors that contribute towards these compounding problems confronting our continent’s development. Sometimes, it is due to the lack of motivation from governments, which makes our technocrats to choose to live and work in the West.

The priority of African governments should be on how to make their institutions and human resource base stronger, rather that leaving everything in the hands of a few who determine how to run the affairs of a particular country.

For government development programmes to achieve the desired results, donors have to come to their aid to give support in all areas that matter.

Africa is blessed with a lot of resources, but the sad part of it all is that some of these resources are not being utilized properly as expected.

The institutional development of our countries should be the main focus of our development agenda, because it is central to economic growth.